About us

Jubilee Sunshine originated at a flea market booth in Tallahassee, Fl in 2007. It started as a resale opportunity, flipping used kids stuff, to help our family make ends meet in a struggling economy. I expanded to offer wholesale clothing and accessories, then wandered into the amazing artistic world of vintage and handmade, all the while, falling back in love with fashion the way I did when I was a kid, carrying around my fashion sketch plates and designing Barbie's seasonal wardrobes. Oh yeah, and while we were at the flea market, we were able to provide free clothing and furniture to over 50 local families in need!

In 2011, Love Child Boutique was formed, featuring Vintage finds and the funkiest fashion to be found in these parts. I frequented FSU Market Wednesdays and FAMU Set Fridays, and collected an online following on FB & Instagram. While discussing opening a permanent space with fellow vendors, we happened upon a vacant storefront in the local art park. Love Child seemed to fit right in, so we made it our home for a few years. We met some of the most beautiful spirits during our time in the park. Due to political and personal decisions, we left the park, while continuing to vend on campus and offer our funkalicious style online. During our time at the art park, through events and fundraisers, we were able to help single mothers, struggling artists, aspiring musicians, local small business start-ups and mother earth :)

We started a trucking company & welcomed our newest baby girl, Luna Star into the world and Love Child began to dissipate into the background of our crazy life attempting to manage a family of 5. But my passion for fashion lived on once I found out about the secret underground world of custom designed, handmade kids clothes and cloth diapers! I started the group Luna's Closet on FB just to destash and share the awesomeness! Through Luna's Closet, I have been able to educate other parents about the use of cloth diapers, thus reducing the huge amount of unnecessary waste and harm done to our earth. I have also been able to provide clothes, diapers, toys, furniture, information and even transportation to local moms in crisis. 

With the baby getting older, and more time on my hands, I decided to re-brand Love Child & Luna's Closet into the "Real Thing", aspiring to provide women and children with beautiful, comfy, well-made fashion that makes us feel happy every time we look at it, and feel fabulous every time we put it on! I have spent over 10 years years watching fashion trends come and go, boutiques open and close, listening to customers' stories of life and love and the perfect wardrobe, and I want to offer a shopping experience that you will remember, one you will look forward to every time to think about us! Everything is so impersonal nowadays, let's take a step back into the good old days when you knew the people you were buying from by name.

My name is Natalie Webb, and I am happy to invite you to the unique, personal shopping experience here at Jubilee Sunshine..... enjoy yourself, spread some love today, we sure hope you are here to stay!!!